creating progress responsibly

As a family-run industrial company, we have been operating in the heart of East Westphalia since 1981. We feel connected to the region and want to act as a good corporate citizen. Because we believe in a society based on solidarity, in which success only happens when you pull together.


We rely on strong community ties. This is how we achieve successes that benefit everyone: the entire ITV team, our partners and their customers, and ultimately: society. To this end, we consciously act in a values-driven manner.

Only together can real progress be achieved for society. Solidarity is the key to a successful future.

Only those who act as equal partners will be successful together. Mutual appreciation is the key to a strong community spirit.

Trust only grows through honesty. Authenticity is the key to trusting relationships.

Solidarity can only arise through mutual support. Caring for each other is the key to acting in solidarity.

ITV in figures

From high-quality raw materials to qualified production and final inspection, to reliable just-in-time delivery, we stand for compressed-air technology that our partners can rely on. Behind this is our team: the heart[beat] of ITV.

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