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New Warehouse

The new warehouse with 1,000 square meters is inaugurated. Another milestone for logistics and customer service. An investment in the location of Bielefeld and in the future.

New website!

Responsive design essentially means that ITV GmbH’s new website is crafted to always provide an optimal viewing experience, making it highly efficient to use. Whether on a widescreen PC, tablet computer or smartphone – this website delivers a brilliant performance with maximum usability. The Products section is also linked to a database. This feeds the […]

A year of expansion!

Expanding the production and storage facilities. An investment in both the location and the future! ITV is expanding the production and storage facilities by 1,000 square metres. This will soon see the company, based in Bielefeld, running production operations on premises spanning 3,000 square metres. This has called for radical alterations to the building and […]