STX – Push-in fittings stainless steel

– Fitting 100% stainless steel 1.4404
– Tube assembly with one movement
– For tubes in various materials (PU, PA)
– Small-scale and low weight
– FKM O-rings for high temperatures
– Modular, flexible structure
Operating temperature-20°C to +150°C
Operating pressureUp to 16barDependent on the pressure range of the tube used
Vacuummax 98%
MaterialsStainless steel housing,
FKM seals
Stainless steel clamp,
Stainless steel thrust ring
silicone-free mixture
ThreadCyl. thread, DIN EN ISO 228
Con. thread, DIN EN 10226 (DIN 2999)
Metr. thread, DIN ISO 261
Cylindrical with O-ring seal
MediumLubricated and non-lubricated compressed airMediums which are compatible with the component materials
TubesFor tubes in line with ISO 14743
Tolerances for external Ø
4 to 8: ±0.1
Tolerances for external Ø
10 to 14: ±0.15 (PU)
10 to 14: ±0.1 (PA)
Recommended materials: PU, PA